1880s Acadia Sanitorium - Oracle AZ  CHECK AVAILABILTY

The Acadia Sanatorium is allegedly haunted by the spirit of a nurse who had apparently contracted TB from working with the sick people. They say her spirit walks the halls tending to her patients. The Sanatorium was featured on Ghost Adventures.

 There are two child spirits who love to play with toys and interact with the investigators. Eerie child laughter and lullaby heard in the hospital room. One spirit we feel is a young boy named Robert who accidently shot himself with his Dad's gun in 1936 Other claims are the interior doors would be slammed shut and doors open on their own. Knocks and bangs that come from nowhere are heard. 

Others heard voices and one instance was a claim of the head and shoulders of a person walk into the hospital room. During the restoration workers heard coughing and dubbed it a ghost named George who may have been a TB patient. 

 In 1882 Edwin S. and Lillian Dodge opened up the Acadia Ranch. More sanatorium than cattle farm, the ranch was the headquarters for people coming to the desert in hopes the arid atmosphere would cure diseases like tuberculosis. It was then purchased by Annie Neal, the wife of the proprietor of the Mountain view Hotel.