1910 Elks - Jones Mortuary Building - Globe AZ  CHECK AVAILABILTY

During our investigations we've seen shadow figures dart across hallways on the 2nd floor. The upper level was the meeting - ceremony hall which was men only. One of our female investigators sat in one of the throne chairs and immediately felt uneasy.  Numerous spikes on EM meters and hits on REM Pods. 

The basement area which housed the mortuary was extremely heavy. We found an old embalming table which was used to prepare bodies for viewing. Very oppressive feeling as if we were not welcome. Sightings of an apparition of a white bearded man wearing what looks like aa leather apron was witnessed by two investigators..

Prior to this building this site was originally home to the Zimmerman Funeral home who held services for the first person buried in the local cemetery during the late 1800s. This 3 story building was built on that site in 1910. The Elks Lodge 489 operated at this 3 story building occupying the top two floors.  The basement and first level were rented to Jones Funeral.

At the age of 21, young Fred Hare Jones began working with his father, Fred L. Jones, in the mortuary/funeral business, which was later moved to the Elks Building on west Mesquite street. The son, Fred Hare Jones, continued his father's business upon the death of his parents, and he retired from that business in 1947..