Customized Private Investigations designed specifically for paranormal teams and video creators looking for locations to investigate or film the next episode
Private events run from 7:00pm to midnight.  Later start times or additional time is available for additional cost. Prices vary from location and the day of the week you select. Rates start at $299      SEE LOCATIONS

Paranormal Group Member Teams & Individuals save up to $100 on investigations and discounts up to 25% off on gear  FREE TO JOIN THE PARANORMAL GROUP
THIS IS What"s Included in all private locations
5+ Hour Lockdown Investigation
Exclusive to your group. You will have access to the most haunted areas at the location.

Want to save up to $100 on locations?
Use Of The Latest Equipment
EM meters, FLIR cameras, paranormal Music Boxes, Shadow sensors, REM Pods, Spirit boxes, Ovilus and other equipment to use for free
Video Of Sessions
We will provide you with raw, unedited video footage or we can run your cameras to free up your entire team so everyone can concentrate on investigating
Discounts On Gear
We provide a discount coupon to you so you can save 10% from our online store, Ghost Hunters outlet 
Want to get get discounts up to 25% on gear?
Brief Tour Of History & Hotspots
Includes a guided tour and learn the haunted history. We will show you the hotspots and  point out anything that may cause false positives.