Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society (AZPIRS)

AZPIRS has been doing paranormal investigating for over 45 years. Engaging forensic techniques, historical records and the most innovative technology available


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Our team is a balance of both skeptics and believers. While our approach is scientific some of our team are intuitive and combined, we provide a unique perspective.


AZPIRS strives to find answers for the many people that seek our help. Give them some kind of clarification or a direction to follow. Every one of our team have had personal experiences with the paranormal. We understand because we lived it. 

 Our team is a balance of both skeptics and believers. While our approach is scientific some of our team are intuitive and combined, we provide a unique perspective. We are not influenced by claims to taint our judgement and maintain objectivity throughout the process. 

Our investigation procedures have been developed over many years of investigating. We take our evidence gathering very serious. Every bit of video, audio, and still photography is painstakingly reviewed. If some of these levels of media can be cross referenced, then we have some very compelling evidence. 

Paranormal is used to define experiences that cannot readily be explained by “the range of normal experience” or scientific explanation. It does not mean a haunting. There are times, after reviewing evidence and data collected, the findings are inconclusive

Our Equipment

AZPIRS utilizes the most innovative technology available.
He and his wife Pam started AZ Paranormal Investigations & Research Society to further explore the unknown.
Vinnie A
 His first paranormal experience was as a child over 55 years ago and still looks for the answer to his question. Why? 

Been researching and investigating the paranormal for over four decades. I always investigate with total respect and integrity.
Pam A
All her life Pam has experienced her fair share of encounters and apparitions. As a sensitive, Pam helps others with their encounters and gives people the opportunity to express what they experienced with an open mind. 

 Pam is a Reiki 3 Master - Third Degree Reiki (Shinpiden) 
Karen P
Karen is a sensitive and has a the proper discipline for paranormal investigating

Combining  knowledge of equipment,  proper investigating technique and her ability she brings a whole different dimension to our investigations
Rodger M
Rodger has what a good investigator needs: integrity, respect and passion.

He brings the proper attitude and positive energy with everything he does.  Rodger seeks the truth with a cognitive process of reaching a decision or drawing conclusions without bias

Guest Investigators

Samantha F

Samantha is a well rounded investigator with excellent people skills.

Michelle B

Michelle was a tour leader at the Madison Seminary running historical tours and ghost hunts. She started getting involved in the paranormal when she visited Gettysburg

Trent F

Trent was also a tour leader at the Madison Seminar. He firm believer in positive ghost hunting and do not use forms such as provoking, seances, etc.
Searching, Understanding & Discovering Spirits
SUDS is our affiliate Paranormal Team handling south and east of Phoenix AZ
Keith D 
Lead Investigator
Lyndsey D
Joey S  “Papa Joey”
Paranormal Scout Investigations
PSI is our affiliate Paranormal Team handling northern Arizona
Leland L 
Lead Investigator 
James B
tech specialist
Kristine K

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