11 AM to 6 PM

  • Guest speaker-lectures
  • FREE YMCA Ghost Tour
  • Paranormal Trivia Contest 2:30 pm
  • Access to Vendor Area
  • Food & Drinks Available
ADD ON AN EVENING GHOST HUNT FOR $40 (originally $50)

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September 9 2023 Paranormal Day At the 1917 YMCA

 155 N Miami Ave Miami AZ
Guest Speakers
Access all day to guest speakers, authors, psychics, paranormal teams and exciting workshops  
YMCA Ghost Tour
Enjoy a ghost tour and learn of the haunted history of the 1917 YMCA.. See evidence and go on a ghostly adventure
A variety of vendors and artisans on hand where you'll find, stones, crystals, jewelry, tarot, Anime, special creations and More!
Join Paranormal Teams and investigate the haunted 1917 YMCA Building.  A night you'll remember.   

Guest Speakers at Paranormal Day YMCA   Included in the Paranormal Pass

Access all day to guest speakers, authors, psychics, paranormal teams and exciting workshops.

Four Decades and Counting

Vinnie Amico
Shares some knowledge and insights.  TOPICS INCLUDE:
The biggest mistake EVERY paranormal investigator makes. - Ghost Hunter VS Paranormal Investigator...…What is the difference? - The state of the Paranormal Today - Understanding evidence
11:30 Am

EVPs & Life after Life: The Correlation

Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society (PAPS)
PAPS (Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society) is one of Arizona's premier teams formed in 1999 and registered with the state of Arizona in 2005. PAPS is dedicated to helping others gain peace of mind by helping to explain what is and is not paranormal through use of modern techniques and documented evidence acquired during investigations. Their mission is to capture both video and audio signatures of paranormal activity to prove the existence of life after death
12:15 pm


Debe Branning
 Debe Branning is an author and journalist in Arizona. She has written a dozen books including Haunted Phoenix, Sleeping with Ghosts and her latest Haunted Globe. Debe has been on Ghost Adventures episode. She is also founder of MVD Ghostchasers
1:00 pm

The History Of Miami AZ  

 Tom Foster
Tom is a local historian and Director at Bullion Plaza Cultural Center & Museum. Tom has served on the Arizona Historical Society Board of Directors for several years and was recently appointed for another term by Governor Ducey. Tom has appeared on Ghost Adventures episodes at Bullion Plaza, the 1910 Gila Jail and 1906 Courthouse
1:45 pm


 Tom Foster
Prize awarded to the winning team/individual
2:45 pm

  Noise Reduction- Scouting A Spectrum Unheard  

Leland Lavender
Founder and lead investigator for Paranormal Scout Investigators (P.S.I.) from out of the White Mountains of Arizona, The Paranormal Scout Investigators (P.S.I.) take inspiration for their name from the old "Apache Scouts". The Scout investigators take charge in finding and documenting paranormal events in the White Mountain Area and beyond.
4:15 pm

Vulture City Ghost Town

Damian Harris
Vulture City Ghost Town is renowned for its ghostly encounters side of this abandoned settlement..  First hand experience from numerous paranormal investigations of this abandoned settlement  Learn about its history and hear the chilling tales of those who still walk this once thriving gold mining town.
5:00 pm
Paranormal Group

YMCA Ghost Tours Included in the Paranormal Pass

Come for a ghost tour at one of the most haunted locations in AZ.  Learn the secrets of what happened within these walls. Hear the tragic stories of those from the past.  See actual evidence collected by paranormal investigators of what may still roam the corridors.

Tours times
2:00 pm tour
4:00 pm tour
5:00 pm tour
6:00 pm tour

YMCA Ghost Hunt ADD ON

$40 per person (16 years & Over)
Shadow Figure Caught at YMCA

This location is filled with paranormal activity. Spirit box responses, EVPs and interaction with our equipment. Shadows around every corner waiting for you. Negative spirits have been encountered by our teams. Try and catch evidence of the spirits located in this historic building. 

Start Time: 7:00 pm Event Finish Time: 11:00 pm 

Your ghost hunt at 1917 YMCA Building includes the following: 
  • Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters 
  • Participate In Paranormal Experiments
  • Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own ghost hunt 
  •  Access to the most haunted areas. 
  • Ghost Hunt with experienced Paranormal Team 

 Loud bangs and footsteps are often heard on the second floor. Eerie shadowy figures have also been witnessed throughout the building. Whistling and singing have been head in the auditorium. Visitors have also reported cold spots, unexplained lights, and being physically touched. 

 Equipment The investigators will provide EM meters, FLIR cameras, paranormal Music Boxes, Shadow sensors, REM Pods, Spirit boxes, Ovilus and other equipment for free to utilize to try and catch evidence of the spirits.* A valid driver’s license and credit card is required to be provided equipment. You can bring your own equipment if available. 

 PLEASE NOTE: Only bottom floor is wheelchair and handicap accessible 

HISTORY:  Dedicated on May 10, 1917, the imposing two-story YMCA building became a community and mining company showpiece on the corner of Sullivan Street and Miami Avenue. The YMCA building had a steam-heated indoor tiled swimming pool, a gymnasium with a stage, a two-lane bowling alley and twenty-three dormitory rooms with showers for single Anglo men: engineers, chemists, accountants, and other specialists and employees of the Miami Copper Company. A banquet room, conference room, billiard and pool tables framed the spacious lobby, along with a library, reading room, and a well-furnished kitchen 

This tour and investigation is for entertainment purposes only. The information provided is accurate as provided by local historians. There is no guarantee there will be paranormal activity. *Equipment varies